Week of August 6, 2001

Whenever we approach a threshold – enter a new stage in our personal development, change environment, or even start a new project, we are met with “angels and devils”. Our task is to determine that which is supportive and that which is toxic to our overall growth and development.

Our “angels” always support the big picture, even when we don’t understand or see where things are going. We sometimes mistake our angels for devils when they force us to confront the negativity within ourselves. We sometimes back out of what is in our best interest because the lessons can become quite challenging.

Our “devils” always serve self. There is no big picture to consider, there is only now and what would make things comfortable and easy in the moment. We sometimes mistake these opportunities as “blessings” because what is offered feels like the right “fix” at the time.

In order to navigate our experience, we need to learn how to read ourselves more clearly and honestly. Are we moving in a direction because it is in alignment with our personal philosophy? Or have we sold our souls for the get-there-fast option? Following our “angels” will provoke us to get real; to get clear about who we are and what we want. When we have clarity about where we are going, we can determine if an opportunity is worth taking. We’ll also learn to welcome our challenges as guideposts that keep us on track toward our highest potential.

With love,


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